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Number of confirmed coronavirus infections in China exceeds 72,000, death toll rising to 1,868
18/02-2020, Klokken: 08:50:00 GMT
BEIJING - Fourteen Americans who tested positive for coronavirus were among the hundreds of U.S. citizens evacuated from a cruise ship off Japan to U.S. facilities over the holiday weekend, the result of a chaotic chain of events that put virus-stricken passengers on flights with other evacuees.

'Sonic the Hedgehog' tops box office over holiday weekend
18/02-2020, Klokken: 00:12:00 GMT
Paramount's "Sonic the Hedgehog" outdrew two other new releases over Presidents Day weekend, helping the overall box office climb from a year earlier.

Mary Steenburgen thinks you are capable of growth
17/02-2020, Klokken: 23:45:00 GMT
Just over a decade ago, Mary Steenburgen awoke from minor arm surgery and began to hear music - everywhere. Every street sign she read, every sentence she heard got swept up into what she refers to as a "musical tornado." Words and melodies swirled around in her head. She was terrified.

Kloset fetes Grecian beauty with ‘Hidden Treasure’ collection
17/02-2020, Klokken: 15:45:00 GMT
Go with vibrant colours for your vacation this summer with fashion brand Kloset, which has launched its latest feminine collection called “The Hidden Treasure”, inspired by the history and culture of Greece. 

44 Americans on cruise ship docked in Japan tested positive for coronavirus, U.S. health official says
17/02-2020, Klokken: 09:30:00 GMT
BEIJING - As the rate of new coronavirus cases appears to be slowing in China, thousands of cruise ship passengers who have been exposed to the virus in Japan and Cambodia are posing logistical and public health challenges as officials try to send them home while prioritizing containment.

Most people now die at home, and care can be complex
16/02-2020, Klokken: 22:59:00 GMT
Roger Kellison had Parkinson's disease that was quickly progressing. He was a private man who eventually moved into his daughter's house when he was unable to take care of himself.

Renowned presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin finally takes on George Washington
16/02-2020, Klokken: 22:50:00 GMT
On a rainy evening at Mount Vernon, Doris Kearns Goodwin tiptoed around a puddle reflecting light from a colonial lantern and stepped into a golf cart. It shuttled her down a gravel path to the premiere of "Washington," a miniseries she produced for the History Channel that previewed last week at George Washington's estate. It is airing on television over Presidents' Day weekend.

Virus games are going viral as the coronavirus spreads
16/02-2020, Klokken: 22:11:00 GMT
The popularity of games centered on the proliferation of pathogens has surged in recent weeks. As officials and experts worked to stem the global spread of the novel coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China, and has left nearly 1,500 people dead, gamers have turned their attention to parallel, imaginary struggles.

Fears mount over new coronavirus case in Westerdam cruise ship thought to be infection free
16/02-2020, Klokken: 21:39:00 GMT
BEIJING - Concerns mounted on Sunday that authorities in Cambodia, including U.S. Embassy officials, had allowed passengers infected by the coronavirus to disembark from the Westerdam cruise ship and depart for other cities and countries around the world after Malaysian officials confirmed that a second exam for an ill passenger returned positive.

Gallery 36 to hold 'Jardin Botanique' exhibition of artist Fuanglada
16/02-2020, Klokken: 13:31:00 GMT
The Gallery 36 at Pullman Bangkok Hotel G is hosting “Jardin Botanique”, a solo exhibition by textile designer and watercolour artist, Fuanglada Verdillon.

[Herald Interview] Playing harmonica more than a hobby
15/02-2020, Klokken: 18:39:00 GMT
Harmonicist describes instrument as ‘chameleon’

William Taylor Jr., a 'star' impeachment witness, quietly returns home to Trump's Washington
15/02-2020, Klokken: 13:33:00 GMT
WASHINGTON - Seven days after his closed-door testimony in the House impeachment hearings - seven days after his face was plastered across every screen in America - William B. Taylor Jr. found himself in Mariupol, some 5,000 miles from Washington and just 12 miles from the front lines of a war between the Ukrainian military and Russian-backed separatists.

Chinese health workers fall ill amid shortages of protective equipment
15/02-2020, Klokken: 13:04:00 GMT
More than 1,700 Chinese medical workers have contracted the covid-19 respiratory disease, officials said Friday, a sobering development that came on the same day the virus turned up in Africa and Japanese officials said they would allow some uninfected travelers to leave a cruise ship hard-hit by the outbreak.

How climate experts think about raising children who will inherit a planet in crisis
15/02-2020, Klokken: 12:53:00 GMT
n the midst of a winter that hasn't felt much like one, as the coldest temperatures retreated to the highest latitudes, Jedediah Britton-Purdy carried his 5-month-old son, James, outside their home in New York City to bask in the unseasonable warmth.