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Come join us, Democrats tell Future Forward
27/02-2020, Klokken: 19:08:00 GMT
The Democrat Party is ready to welcome former MPs of the disbanded Future Forward Party, its spokesman said on Thursday (February 27).

PM denies role in Army ‘cyber-war on critics’
27/02-2020, Klokken: 16:56:00 GMT
Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has denied that the government financed the military in waging cyber-war on critics of his handling of the insurgency in the Thai South.

Future Forward MPs are separating
27/02-2020, Klokken: 15:56:00 GMT
Some of Future Forward Party MPs are ready to stand by their political views and join a party that’s still prenatal, whether founded by their MP colleague Ekkapob Pianpises or by Pita Limjaroenrat, who Future Forward leader Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit chose as his successor.

University, high school students rise up for democracy
27/02-2020, Klokken: 14:37:00 GMT
Students at several universities and a Bangkok high school were on Thursday (February 27) continuing protests that began on Monday over the government’s perceived undermining of the Constitution, which they blame for the pro-democracy Future Forward Party’s dissolution.

Future Forward ex-MP files police complaint ‘over threats from govt MPs’ 
27/02-2020, Klokken: 13:22:00 GMT
Former Future Forward MP Benja Saengchan filed a complaint on Thursday (February 27) with Bang Po police after being allegedly threatened by government members of Parliament.

Future Forward ex-MP exposes attempt to woo him to govt side 
27/02-2020, Klokken: 13:10:00 GMT
Former Future Forward member of Parliament Prasertpong Sornnuwat exposed on Wednesday (February 26) another telephone conversation involving Srinuan Boonlue, a former Future Forward MP who has now joined Bhumjaithai Party, of trying to persuade him to join the government side.

Economic heart failure is all PM’s fault, says opposition
26/02-2020, Klokken: 16:02:00 GMT
The government’s policies are destined to widen the social gap and slow the economy further, resulting in zero exports and higher household debt amounting to 80 per cent of gross domestic product (GDP), the second-highest in the world, opposition whip Sutin Klungsang said on Wednesday (February 24).

Gold Line financing not a question of ‘rich and powerful’, govt says
26/02-2020, Klokken: 15:16:00 GMT
Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha’s alleged involvement with corporations financing construction of the Gold Line mass transit railway along Charoen Nakhon Road in Bangkok was raised in Parliament by opposition MPs on Monday (February 24).

Saksayam grilled on high-speed railway in East
26/02-2020, Klokken: 15:12:00 GMT
Transport Minister Saksayam Chidchob, prodded by opposition MPs’ complaints about the stalled economy during the censure debate on Wednesday (February 24), found himself explaining the purpose of a planned high-speed railway in the East.

Dissolved Future Forward Party MP accuses govt of deals benefiting Chinese
25/02-2020, Klokken: 20:51:00 GMT
Ekkapob Pianpises, ex-spokesman of the now-dissolved Future Forward Party and Chiang Rai MP, accused the government during a parliamentary censure debate of six wrongdoings.

Premier accepts criticism from ex-NEP leader
25/02-2020, Klokken: 20:47:00 GMT

University students gather in opposition to Future Forward Party dissolution
25/02-2020, Klokken: 19:23:00 GMT
University students will hold political protests nationwide, after rallies were held at some universities yesterday evening (February 24) in opposition to the dissolution of Future Forward Party, seen by many as unjust and a setback to the progress of democracy.

Future Forward MPs dared to identify person making offer in sound clip
25/02-2020, Klokken: 15:43:00 GMT

Future Forward accuses Bhumjaithai Thai of trying to poach its MPs
25/02-2020, Klokken: 09:33:00 GMT
A former leader of the now-dissolved Future Forward Party (FWP) has accused ruling coalition partner Bhumjaithai Party of trying "to steal" its MPs.

EC mulls criminal charges against dissolved Future Forward Party
24/02-2020, Klokken: 18:22:00 GMT
The Election Commission is studying the Constitutional Court’s ruling dissolving the Future Forward Party to determine whether a criminal case can be brought against it.

Ex-senator Ruangkrai writes to US ambassador over court ruling
24/02-2020, Klokken: 15:24:00 GMT
Former senator Ruangkrai Leekitwattana sent a letter to US Ambassador to Thailand Michael G DeSombre dated February 24 explaining the Act on Establishment of the Constitution Court was not officially issued.

EC urged to pursue legal actions against FWP leader, execs
24/02-2020, Klokken: 15:03:00 GMT
Srisuwan Janya, an activist and secretary-general of the Society for Defence of the Thai Constitutions, submitted a letter to the Election Commission (EC) on Monday (February 24) urging it to pursue legal actions against Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit and 16 executives of the recently dissolved Future Forward Party (FWP) for violation of 2017 Organic Law on Political Parties.