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Oslo Freedom Forum, den 28 - 30. maj 2018  


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Lidt video fra Oslo Freedom Forum her den anden dag (i onsdags, den 30. maj 2018):

Netiwit Chotiphatphaisal is a student activist, publisher, and author who advocates for education reform in Thailand. In 2012, Chotiphatphaisal and a group of fellow students created the Thailand Education Revolution Alliance (TERA) to push for reforms within Thailand’s school system. The student-led organization gained national recognition for its platform against rote education, for increasing access to public schools, and for advocating against the Thai junta’s presence in schools. Members of TERA faced physical attacks from the community and the administration, and Chotiphatphaisal was eventually removed from his school’s student council because of his activism. In 2013, Chotiphatphaisal founded Education for Liberation of Siam, a student group that challenges the Thai military junta’s unjust actions in the country’s education system. He was first declared a conscious objector in 2013 and has since published multiple books on the Thai education system and civil activism. Chotiphatphaisal is the elected Student Council president at Chulalongkorn University, where his activism was targeted by the university's administration. He has received support from eight Nobel laureates, who jointly sent an appeal to the university to appeal on Chotiphatphaisal's behalf.

Link:  https://oslofreedomforum.com/speakers/netiwit-chotiphatphaisal

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